Trying to close Open Source

Great quote at the end of the blog post by Sun’s CEO:

All of which is to say – no amount of fear can stop the rise of free media, or free software (they are the same, after all). The community is vastly more innovative and powerful than a single company. And you will never turn back the clock on elementary school students and developing economies and aid agencies and fledgling universities – or the Fortune 500 – that have found value in the wisdom of the open source community. Open standards and open source software are literally changing the face of the planet – creating opportunity wherever the network can reach.

I know that open source has been both a financial and a creativity lifesaver for me both personally and at my job. Although we use different Operating Systems in the schools of my district, we have loaded the machines with open source solutions to help the teachers integrate. Scribus, Open Office, GIMP, Audacity – the list goes on. To license the 100s of computers with proprietary programs to meet the same needs is fiscally impossible. Students gain, teachers gain and overall our society gains.

Just how difficult is it going to be to open our OS next purchase round?

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